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Paragon Track Performance Big Brake Kit vs. Stock FK8 Brakes
The Paragon Track Performance big brake kit is similar to the brake system used on Team Honda Research West and Tazio Ottis Racing’s 25 Hour of Thunderhill Civic Type R FK8 endurance race cars. There are certain limitations with the stock system, and our kit will offer improved track performance and lowered long-term maintenance cost through superior cooling efficiency and ther …
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THR-W x Paragon | 2021 25 Hours of Thunderhill
THR-W x Paragon Brakes - 2021 25 Hours of Thunderhill DocumentaryTeam Honda Research West and their all new 2022 Civic Si take on North America's longest endurance race. We are honored to be selected as the performance brakes option on the THR-W 11th gen Honda Civic Si endurance race cars.Equipped with Paragon high performance brake calipers and floating 2-piece rotors, the 2 r …
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General Bed-in Procedure
The purpose of bed-in procedure is to mate the brake pads with the rotors to ensure full contact, establish proper and consistent friction surface (transfer layer), and release the organic binding material (resin) held inside the pads during manufacturing process. With proper bed-in, optimum friction coefficient and wear can be achieved. It can also help minimize brake judder a …
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Team Honda Research West Civic Type R at 25 Hours of Thunderhill
Race Proven! Two Team Honda Research West (THR-W) Civic Type Rs competed and finished the enduro fourth and seventh in a highly competitive class (Class E0) of the famous 25 Hours of Thunderhill endurance race at Thunderhill Raceway Park. These two Civic Type R were equipped with Paragon Performance brake calipers and 2-piece rotors. The brake system wo …
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