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Toyota / Scion



Year Make Model / Series Front Rear Notes
19+ Toyota GR Supra Mk5 A90/A91 PBP1603 PBP1604 3.0
20+ Toyota GR Yaris GXPA16 (RZ High performance / RZ) PBP1612 PBP1613  
12+ Toyota / Scion 86 / GT86 / FR-S PBP370 PBP330  w/ OEM Brembo calipers
08-12 Toyota Alphard ANH20W/GGH20W PBP654 -  
12-15 Toyota Alphard ANH20W/GGH20W (except G'S) PBP654 -


12-15 Toyota Alphard ANH20W/GGH20W (G'S) PBP825 -  
08-15 Toyota Alphard ANH25W/GGH25W PBP654 -  
15-18 Toyota Alphard AGH30W/AGH35W/GGH30W/15-18 GGH35W/AGH35W PBP654 PBP1442  
18+ Toyota Alphard GGH35W PBP825 PBP1442  
15+ Toyota Alphard 30 Series (w/ Paragon rear rotors) - PBP1670  





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