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Brembo Replacement Ring / Disc

The following Paragon rotor rings / disc rings are direct Brembo replacements:


*Refer to product page (click on the blue link) for full technical specifications.

**Manufactured by Paragon Performance. Paragon Performance is not affiliated to, or associated with Brembo.


Brembo Part No. Diameter "A" Thinkness "B" P.C.D. "M" No. of Mtg. Size of Mtg. Type of Mtg. Internal Ø "C" Inside Flange Ø "D"  Mtg. Flange Thickness "H" Paragon Part No. 
09.5759.94/95 / 09.5759.96/97 345mm 28mm 223mm 10 8.1x10.25mm Oval 237mm 207mm 6mm PRR.8009.345.2370.280.22300.08.01.L/R
09.7792.10/20 / 09.7792.11/21 380mm 34mm 241mm 10 9mm Round 256.2mm 217mm 7mm PRR.8015.380.2562.340.24100.05.01.L/R



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