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Alcon Replacement Ring / Disc

The following Paragon brake rotor rings / disc rings are direct Alcon replacements:


*Refer to product page (click on the blue link) for full technical specifications.

**Manufactured by Paragon Performance. Paragon Performance is not affiliated to, or associated with Alcon Components Ltd.


Alcon Part No. Diameter "A" Thickness "B" P.C.D. "M" No. of Mtg.
Size of Mtg.
Type of Mtg. Internal Ø "C"
Inside Flange Ø "D" Mtg. Flange Thk. "H" Paragon Part No. / Link to the product
DIV2207X387C20 285mm 27mm 179mm 10 9.5x15mm Rectangular 194.5mm 154mm 5.02mm PRR.8004.285.1945.270.17900.11.01.L/R
DIV2135X507C24 295mm 32mm 177.8mm 12 9.5x15mm Rectangular 193.4mm 153mm 5.6mm PRR.8004.295.1934.320.17780.12.03.L/R
DIV2213X581 320mm 25mm 181mm 12 6.4mm Round 199mm 165mm 6mm PRR.8008.320.1990.250.18100.03.93.L/R
DV330/32/55-12/203 330mm 32mm 203.2mm 12 6.4mm Round 220mm 190mm 5.6mm PRR.8009.330.2200.320.20320.03.03.L/R
DIV2198X485 330mm 32mm 208mm 12 6.4mm Round 227mm 191.6mm 5.6mm PRR.8009.330.2270.320.20800.03.03.L/R
DIV2235X673 332mm 28mm 196mm 12 6.4mm Round 218mm 180mm 5.5mm PRR.8005.332.2180.280.19600.03.03.L/R
DIV2197X019 332mm 28mm 203.2mm 12 6.4mm Round 227mm 190mm 5.7mm PRR.8005.332.2270.280.20320.03.03.L/R
DIV2158X530 335mm 28mm 214mm 12 6.4mm Round 233mm 201mm 7mm PRR.8009.335.2330.280.21400.03.03.L/R
DIV2158X531 335mm 32mm 214mm 12 6.4mm Round 235mm 201mm 7mm PRR.8009.335.2350.320.21400.03.03.L/R
DIV2175X543 343mm 25mm 222mm 12 6.4mm Round 241mm 205.5mm 5mm PRR.8009.343.2410.250.22200.03.03.L/R
DIV2175X521 343mm 28mm 216mm 12 6.4mm Round 235mm 201mm 5.5mm PRR.8008.343.2350.280.21600.03.03.L/R
DIV2175X557 343mm 32mm 213mm 10 9mm Round 235mm 194mm 6mm PRR.8008.343.2350.320.21300.05.03.L/R
DIV2202X807 343mm 32mm 221mm 12 6.4mm Round 241mm 204.6mm 4mm PRR.8009.343.2410.320.22100.03.03.L/R
DIV2175X558 355mm 28mm 233mm 10 8.1x10.25mm Oval 248mm 209mm 8mm PRR.8008.355.2480.280.23300.08.01.L/R
DV355/28/54-12/235 355mm 28mm 235mm 12 6.4mm Round 248mm 222mm 6mm PRR.8008.355.2480.280.23500.03.01.L/R
DIV2146X717 355mm 32mm 215.9mm 12 6.4mm Round 244mm 195mm 6.5mm PRR.8010.355.2440.320.21590.03.01.L/R
DIV2216X770S36 355mm 32mm 232.9mm 12 6.4mm Round 249mm 219mm 6mm PRR.8010.355.2490.320.23290.03.01.L/R
DIV2146X037 355mm 32mm 235mm 12 6.4mm Round 250mm 222mm 6mm PRR.8010.355.2500.320.23500.03.01.L/R
DIV2202X220 355mm 36mm 228.6mm 12 6.4mm Round 245mm 214mm 6.5mm PRR.8014.355.2450.360.22860.03.01.L/R
DIV2202X576C24L/R 365mm 32mm 235mm 10 9mm Round 257mm 216mm 6mm PRR.8014.365.2570.320.23500.05.01.L/R
DIV2202X627 365mm 32mm 235mm 12 6.4mm Round 257mm 216mm 6mm PRR.8014.365.2570.320.23500.03.01.L/R
DIV2202X596 375mm 36mm 241.3mm 12 6.4mm Round 266mm 225mm 6.5mm PRR.8015.375.2660.360.24130.03.01.L/R
DIV2202X815 375mm 36mm 252mm 12 6.4mm Round 271mm  235.6mm 6mm PRR.8015.375.2710.360.25200.03.01.L/R
DIV2175X942 380mm 28mm 249mm 12 6.4mm Round 267.4mm 233mm 6.5mm PRR.8016.380.2674.280.24900.03.01.L/R
DIV2175X630 380mm 30mm 243mm 10 9mm Round 265mm 225mm 6mm PRR.8017.380.2650.300.24300.05.01.L/R
DIV2175X718 380mm 32mm 230mm 12 6.4mm Round 264mm 213.6mm 6.5mm PRR.8015.380.2640.320.23000.03.01.L/R
DIV2202X905 380mm 34mm 223mm 12 6.4mm Round 245mm 205mm 5.5mm PRR.8014.380.2450.340.22300.03.01.L/R
DIV2202X615 380mm 36mm 250mm 12 6.4mm Round 268mm 235.5mm 7mm PRR.8012.380.2680.360.25000.03.01.L/R
385mm 33mm 255mm 10 9mm Round 272.8mm 237mm 7mm PRK.035.385.330.25500.05.01.R
400mm 34mm 242mm 12 6.4mm Round 260mm 222mm 6mm PRR.8018.400.2600.340.24200.03.01.L/R
400mm 36mm 224mm 10 9mm Round 239.8mm 205mm 7mm PRK.035.400.360.22400.05.01.F
410mm 34mm 242mm 12 6.4mm Round 270mm 222mm 6mm PRR.8018.410.2700.340.24200.03.01.L/R


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